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OCVarsity Student Section of the Week: Capo Valley has a winner in The Cage

01/28/2019, 2:15pm PST
By Manny Alvarez

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OCVarsity Student Section of the Week: Capo Valley has a winner in The Cage


OCVarsity Student Section of the Week: Capo Valley has a winner in The Cage

By  | | Correspondent / Orange County Register

PUBLISHED: January 28, 2019 at 2:18 pm | UPDATED: January 28, 2019 at 2:18 pm

There will be no three-peat.

The Servite Asylum’s two-week run as the OCVarsity Student Section of the Week has come to an end.

The winner this week is . . . THE CAPISTRANO VALLEY CAGE


At home or on the road, The Capo Valley Cage has shown up and rocked the stands while supporting the school’s basketball team.

I covered the Capo Valley-San Clemente game last week and met The Cage. Good group of kids.

The Cage does not get rattled, however they love rattling their opponents and the opposing coaches as well.

Any slight move and The Cage comes after you.

I wasn’t sure what the student section theme was, but it was a bit weird. A couple of costumes, pajamas and a wrestlers mask. I guess the theme was “Whatever is Weird Night.”

Whatever it was, I just know The Cage is a savage group, and a very loud group on their home court or on the road.


Embedded video

Capo Valley HS@CapoValleyHS

The Cage is on the road again vs @sjhhsbasketball & once again filling the stands.


7:55 PM - Jan 25, 2019

See Capo Valley HS's other Tweets


“They are amazing,” Capistrano Valley principal John Misustin said, “There has not been a game this year, home or away, where they haven’t been the biggest, loudest student section in the gym. You won’t find a better more spirited student body.”

I met some members of the Cage and there were three things I noticed about them. They loved my Big Baller Brand gear, they came prepared and they wanted to remind me to not forget about them.

How could I forget this student section after seeing them go wild right next to me?

We have a new student section of the week and it’s the Capo Valley Cage.

Don’t rattle The Cage!


Here are the other four finalists for this week’s best student section honors:

Newport Harbor Tarpit

The Tarpit better take Newport Harbor sports analyst Teran Rodriguez out to dinner because his social media game is off the chain.

The Tarpit showed up for their Sailors in both of their home games last week, and perhaps they helped Newport Harbor stay in the race for the Surf League title.



Newport Harbor students + seeing their boys basketball team win = happy Sailor fans greeting their boys basketball team with the band playing in the background. Sadly they couldn’t storm the court because of reasons, but oh well. @MAlvarez02


One of the few student sections to use the hashtag #ocvfans and that maybe the reason why the Tarpit is back in the finalist spot.

So, student sections, follow Teran lead. The guy is addicted to winning.

Edison Charger Nation

I guess Edison has been on fire recently because ESPN was at the game . . . oh wait being told those were the students.

Nevertheless, the Charger Nation bolted in for an Edison home game against Corona del Mar last week.

The Chargers won that game and the student section made its way at the end of the week to Newport Harbor. Despite the tough loss that night, the Charger Nation showed up and cheered their boys on.


This is a big week for Edison as all four teams in the Surf League are in a battle for the league championship.

What helps the Charger Nation is that this past week helped them move up in the Basketball Student Section Rankings which come out in a few weeks.

ESPN flag station in Huntington Beach better be ready!

Fairmont Prep Loud Crowd

Yes, they have a student section. Yes, they are a loud crowd.

I wasn’t aware that this student section existed, but Mr. Steve Fryer was in attendance and came away impressed.

After looking at the video, I came away impressed as well.

The Loud Crowd reminds me of the Irvine Frontier. New student section, but looks like a student section that can hang with the rest of them.

Plus, when the Huskies are on a rampage this season, it would be hard not to go and support your basketball team.

Servite Asylum

Well, no three-peat for The Asylum, but credit where credit is due . . . Or is it Credo when Credo is due?

The Asylum showed up big on the soccer field to watch their Friars do battle in the Trinity League.

It doesn’t matter what sport or what field, the Asylum can bring it anywhere.

No days off for The Asylum, and I am sure they will look to get back on top this week.


There was a student section that really impressed me last week, but I had just made my finalist selections the day before.

Had they sent the videos and photos earlier, they would definitely be a finalist and perhaps made a run for the title with The Cage.

What helps the Northwood Den is that they got my attention before I start working on the end-of-the-season student section rankings.

Plus, they used #ocvfans on Twitter and that is extra credit.


So, don’t worry Den, I saw you and i’ll give you your credit soon, perhaps next week!

Speaking of rankings, student sections better start using the hashtag #ocvfans to make a statement for the Top 25 OCVarsity Basketball Student Section Rankings, which come out in a few weeks.

Using the hashtag works better than expressing your opinions. I don’t have proof of the student section on opinions alone.

So, #ocvfans is your best friend. Use it, take it out to lunch. In return, it will reward you.

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